18" Noble Gray Fox Tail Plug

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If you are looking for an authentic-looking fox tail to enhance your private role-play sessions, this faux fox tail is your best option. It looks so real. The fox tail is made of fox fur and a smooth metal plug that’s completely safe to use and extremely easy to clean.

The fox tail plug measures 38 - 45cm . A majority of users of this exciting, synthetic fox fur toy claim that it is made of fine, elegant materials. It is also quite easy and pleasurable to use. It slides in smoothly for easy penetration creating the most pleasurable sensations. It’s great for your bedroom role play games. Your spouse or significant other will definitely fall in love with this natural-looking fox tail metal plug.

The 100% safe metal plug is made of stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about rust issues. Another great thing about the metal plug is the fact that unlike silicone, metal works well with all types of lubricants. Just apply lubricant, and the metal plug will slide in easily.

The fox tail section of the toy is made of fluffy, densely packed soft fur. It is a screwed tail plug with a plastic skeleton inside the tail to keep it rigid and firm. Just hold it from one end and indulge yourself in mind-blowing sexual role play with an adorable fox tail plug.

Tail Type: tail plug
Colors: Fox gray
Plug Material: Stainless steel
Length: Tail: 38 - 45cm / 18"
Plugs: Small - 2.5 cm (0.98 in.)
Medium - 3.2 cm (1.266 in.)
Large - 4cm (1.57 in.)
Weight: 135g

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