6" Silicone Anal Beads With Pull Ring

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Have you gotten so used to sexual intercourse that you don’t find it exhilarating anymore? We know how that feels, so we have made something special to add an amazing twist to your sex adventure. Meet the Cherry-Shaped Anal Beads with Pull Ring, specifically made for your carnal gratification!

Get your fill of thrilling new sensations and experience deep, pleasurable stimulations like no other with these anal beads. Designed in such a way that each bead provides optimal enjoyment, this toy with silicone build is a must-have in your bedroom for your kinky plays. As each bead pops in, you’ll feel a pleasant shock. Silky smooth to the touch, this series of beads is designed with a safety ring so you don’t have to worry while playing. We suggest that you try rotating this ring for a joyful swirl inside.

For men, these cherry-shaped beads will give your prostate a titillating massage, prolonging your erection and delaying your explosive cum. This may even lead to BIG-O, the most sought-after orgasm because it rarely happens owing to the fact that very few men dare to go deep and give their prostate a massage.

Women also enjoy as much pleasure as men do, especially during sexual intercourse. As the beads massage the vaginal walls and titillate the nerve endings embedded in their bums, their G-spot simultaneously receives stimulation from a hard cock. The added pressure makes the stimulations thrilling all the more!

Just right before you climax, pull out the beads for a delightful burst of sensations, giving you a taste of heaven.  Roll fun, stimulation, and sensations into one and you'll get an extraordinary sexual experience. Just don’t forget to lube up to make it slippery. 

It’s high time that your old, boring ways were ditched. Buy yourself these anal beads to spice up your sex life!



Type Silicone plug



 Multiple size

Width Multiple size

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