18" Tail Plug Black Wolf Stainless Steel

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A lot of couples have long been practicing animal play in a lot of different ways. It gives them excitement by becoming a little different from their usual self.

When you want to indulge yourself in the mysteries of animal role-play, then we have the perfect toy for you. The 18" Tail Black Wolf Stainless steel plug will be your guide in fulfilling your curiosity when it comes to pet play.

This plug is made of stainless steel, the best material to try on temperature play and experience a different high like indulging in anal sex. Just incorporate a little warmth or chill in the plug, and you will have that wonderful, tingling sensation that will help in achieving that elusive anal climax.

Steel is hypoallergenic and can be disinfected using soap and water, so cleaning is the least of your problems. The handle of the plug is made from synthetic wolf fur. The perfect addition to a great pet play session! The lovely handle also doubles as a stopper to safely position the plug even when the player gets a little too rough.

The length of the plug is 7.2 cm (2.83") with a width of around 2.8 to 3 cm (1.1" to 1.18"). A great size for those looking to have an awesome filling in the ass, but at the same time, still small enough for those in the initial stages in their plug journey. These plugs can prepare the ass for great anal intercourse as they are able to open up the sphincters while building up your arousal through massaging the erogenous area of the tush.

You will be warmed up, and all prepared as your lover can gently massage this toy inside. So come on, try on a whole new experience in animal play and grab this tail plug now!



Type Tail plug
Material Aluminum alloy + real wool
Dimensions Diameter 2.8 cm, length 7.2 cm, tail length 35-45 cm, net weight 70g
Length 7.5 cm
Width 2.8 cm

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