3" Bunny Tail Plug Stainless Steel

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Kinky is a combination of seduction and total surrender with a little tug of naughty and nice. The 3" Bunny Tail Stainless Steel Plug is all this and more! This tail plug is made of a very nice faux fur that will bring a nice touch to your lusty dominant-sub role play. This also functions as a safety handle that will stop the plug from going further inside the anal canal so you know you or your partner is safe during a rough session.

The plug’s length is 7.5cm with a width of 2.8cm, small enough to get through the tight and narrow beginner’s tush yet big enough to massage the sensitive parts of the anal canal which will help you achieve a mind-blowing climax. Steel is also adaptable to temperature, making it the perfect agent for that raunchy hot or cold play! Imagine a session where you are blindfolded and a cold or hot, depending on your preference, butt plug is placed inside of you? The thrill will take you to the edge!

Although these plugs are famous for ‘opening up’ the ass for a rougher anal play, it actually hits a lot of sensitive parts that make it a versatile sex toy. If you want to up your oral sex experience, try tucking these plugs into your tush or your partner's and have that amazing hands-free tongue pleasure! Solo play will never be the same when you combine the plug’s pressure with your hands massaging your cock (or twat). The result is a powerful climax which you have never felt before!

Ladies, this toy is also for you. Place this toy inside your bum, then let your man sex you up in the vag, and you will experience the best sex you’ve had! That’s double pleasure points in one thrust!

Get this bunny tail plug now!

Color 12 color
Type Tail Plug

Plug: Stainless Steel


handle: 8.8cm (3.47in)

plug: 7.5 cm (2.95in)


handle: N/A

plug: 2.8 cm (1.10in)

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