15" Red Fox Tail With Gold Plug

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Want to surprise your honey and get him or her completely turned on? Whether you’re a man or a woman longing for some novelty in the bedroom, this 15” Brown Fox Tail Metal Plug is ideal for you. It’s a beautiful tail plug that’s made of real animal fur; hence, it is very soft, supple, and fluffy. Meanwhile, feel the smoothness and hardness of the plug, which is crafted from stainless steel that is safe for body use. It is available in 3 different sizes to make sure there’s a perfect size for every kinkster out there.

Indulge in the delicate and titillating strokes of the tail as it hangs and drapes over your thighs. Turn on that raunchy music and shake your beautiful tail with your booty. We’re very sure your partner won’t be able to handle the heat and would like to pounce right away.

Or why not pair it with fox ears to complete the look and play the role of a mythical character? Seduce him. Lure him into your den. He’ll do everything you want just to get you. You see, you’ll look incredibly ravishing with this tail, and you can’t help it but make him ravenous for carnal pleasure. Flirtatiously and playfully, torture your playmate more with delight as you brush his or her sensitive parts. By this time, (s)he’ll be begging to get down to business.

Do not unplug the tail during copulation as it will tremendously intensify the sensations for you and your partner. Revel in the depth and power of orgasm which you can never achieve without this magnificent tail plug.

With a plug in your bum, genital penetration is going to be immensely gratifying because both ultra-sensitive parts get simultaneously penetrated. Why don't you try it to see it for yourself?

Want to be irresistibly alluring? Buy 15” Brown Fox Tail Metal Plug to make your partner helplessly horny.


Tail: Brown 

Plug: Silver 

Type Tail Plug

Handle: Real fur

Plug: Stainless steel



handle: 15in-16in

plug: S: 2.95in, M: 3.35in, L: 3.74in


handle: N/A

plug: S: 1.10in, M: 1.38in, L: 1.61in

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