18" Shapeable White Fox Tail Plug

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Here’s another furry white fox tail butt plug to bring even more excitement to your bedroom role-playing fun. Give your partner a big surprise when he finds you sporting a snow-white fluffy fox tail ready for an evening of pleasure beyond his wildest dreams.

Most users of this white fox tail butt plug, claim that it is incomparable to any other sex toy given its rich fluffy fur and a nice fitting stainless steel plug. It is a sure turn on for those special nights of role-playing fun.

The white fox tail plug features a screwed tail that uses a plastic skeleton inside the tail to keep it rigid and can easily be twisted to any shape you fancy. It also feels nice and smooth on our skin thanks to a rich furry texture.

The plug is made of 100% safe stainless steel for easy insertion and durability. You can use a lubricant on the metal plug to make it slide in nice and easy. The synthetic fox tail is available in different sizes from small and medium to large. There’s definitely one that fits you nicely.

Want a longer fluffy white tail? No problem. There are both short and long tails with lengths of 35 to 45 centimeters. Choose one that really turns you on. It is a perfect tall, and sensual tail that looks like a real white fox tail. It’s full, plumb, soft, fluffy, and a great turn on.


Type Tail plug
Material Tail
Dimensions Tail hair length 35-45cm, butt plug specifications: length: 72mm widest point: 29mm base: 30mm weight: 54g
Length 7.2cm
Width 2.9cm

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