Silicone Suction Cup Pull Bead G-spot Massage Plug

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Is your appetite for sex becoming more and more uncontrollable? Are you yearning for it like a drowning person gasping for air?

If this is your case, then you need something that will help fill your need as it arises. Now that we have your attention, we'd like to introduce you to our 4~5" Big Black Vibrating Butt Plug with Suction Cup.

Make this toy the perfect alternative to fill you in, each time you're empty. Scratch that itch and never feel lonely ever again. With the suction cup feature, pleasuring yourself has gone to the next level. Stick it on the wall to simulate the doggy-style and have the luxury of choosing whether it goes inside your pussy or butt hole. Put it on top of your desk and imagine yourself as a badass cowgirl taming the raging bull while you ride on top of it.

If you want your man to cherish you like a queen, give him a blow job that will drive him nuts while this toy pulsating inside his ass, and he'll never be the same again! Any man will be under your spell as if hypnotized because they will gladly do anything just to gain your favor if they want to experience once again the touch of your lips on their most prized possession!

You can only do that if you practice and perfect your techniques while playing with this toy. As you can see, the toy will not only please you and your man, but you can also use it to become better when it comes to all matters relating to sex. With your enhanced sexual prowess, you can easily get whatever it is you want because you are now a sex goddess any man will be foolish not to worship!

So, what are you waiting for? Order now and be on your way to fulfilling all your sexual desires!

Color Black
Type Butt Plug with Suction Cup
Material Silicone

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