Jeweled Bell Princess Plug 3-piece Set

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Hear the sex toys ringing! Nope, this is not Santa’s sleigh. But with our Jeweled Bell Princess Plug 3-Piece Set, you’ll feel that Christmas is just around the corner! We’re introducing a new feature into our collection of anal sex toys. Now that you’re here, you are one of the firsts to know.

We know that you love sticking things up in your bum. And we also know that functionality plays a big part in your fetishes. Our tail plugs are interactive and can sway about with every movement, enticing the human sight and touch. This time, we’re focusing on the hearing sense. So what better way to achieve that other than placing bells on the base of your favorite butt plugs?

One look at these and you’ll be jumping for joy. The plugs are made from your favorite solid material: metal. What’s not to love about them? They’re robust, cold with sensation, and they add a nice heft to completely dominate your rear end. Regardless, the material is still high quality and smooth to perfection, ensuring there are no nicks and rough edges that could cause discomfort and injure you.

The shape is a simple, easy-to-insert teardrop that starts with a rounded tip and ends with a full-width bulbous body. The neck and handle prevent the butt plug from going any further in. A glistening artificial jewel sits at the top of each base. Finally, the bells are connected at the far end. Once your plug is in, one small movement can trigger the ringing.

With three different width sizes included to train your anal, it’s no wonder why this set might be the next best thing in your bedroom. Make some music with your lovemaking with our Jeweled Bell Princess Plug 3-Piece Set.

Color Jewel & Bells: Purple
Plug: Silver
Type Butt Plug
Material Jewel: Acrylic Crystal Plug: Metal


Small - 2.76 in.
Medium - 3.23 in.
Large - 3.74 in.


Small - 1.06 in.
Medium - 1.30 in.
Large - 1.57 in.

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