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Why Is Sex Pleasurable?

Do you like having sex? For many people, the answer is yes. Consensual and decent sex feels awesome. But do you understand why sex is pleasurable? Understanding the rationale can help you've got a better intimate moment.

Research indicates that pleasurable sex heavily depends upon the brain and nerve. The brain receives a succession of signs down the nerve releasing hormones, hormones, and oxytocin that encourage sexual enjoyment and interpret stimulation as gratifying.

Scientists identified 4 different stages that you experience when you're having sex. These phases explain in detail how the feelings of gratifying come.

During the first stage -- Wish, you might experience increased muscle tension, heart rate, and breathing. Muscles throughout the body start to contract and blood flows into your genitals increasing the sensitivity of nerves in these areas. This blood flow causes swelling in the female's vaginal walls and erections at the man's penis. By now, your body was ready for sex.

The second stage is a plateau when your stimulation continues to intensify. At this stage, a woman's vagina and guy's manhood become more sensitive.

After the plateau period is an orgasm. You will experience involuntary muscle contractions and the body releases endorphins that make you feel relaxed and excited. That feels great.

Your body slowly returns to the way it was before you got aroused. Also, there's an elevated feeling of happy, intimacy and tiredness.

Tips for Better Sex

When understanding why sex is gratifying, we can conclude that treat our own body with the right stimulation and listen to our brain bring much better sex.

Choose sexual positions that provide you with the most pleasure
Communicate with your partner about what you like clearly
Attempt oral sex and manual vaginal stimulation such as fingering
Clitoris is the powerhouse of women's sexual pleasure
Pursue sexual intercourse that lasts longer
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