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Blindfolding is a type of sensory deprivation. The so-called sensory deprivation, as the name implies, is to deprive a part of human perception. Blindfolding is relatively safer than other types of sensory deprivation in Tiao teaching. It can be used in Tiao teaching in many situations, just as God closes a door and opens a window. When m is blindfolded, Other senses will become more acute.

In the blindfolded state, m's eyes are dark, she can only rely on the senses of hearing, smell, and taste to recognize and perceive, and her sense of touch will become more sensitive. At this time, sp can be dripped wax. At this time, pay attention to adjust the body part of m, so that m can not guess which inch of the skin on his body will be fortunate. I don’t know when the next dripping of wax oil and the palm or whip will be. When it falls, m's body will enter a tight state at this time, which can give m a more exciting feeling.

As mentioned above, when m is blindfolded, the body's tactile sensations will become extremely sensitive, and you can feel the series of feelings you bring to him. Bind m's hands with his feet and bind them to the sides of the chair with ropes. Or the static tape is fixed. At this time, M’s legs are separated. Her private parts are completely in front of S. At this time, you can touch M’s body with both hands, or you can gently fiddle with M’s body with feathers, and s can also better appreciate m's body and stimulate m's shame and physical pleasure. Some m are sensitive to itching and can be combined with feathers and rollers to tease.

A final game: put blindfolded on m and put on a blindfold, put m on both hands and feet, put m on the bed and turn off the light, then s left and left for about 10 minutes. Due to the absence of s, the colorless sound touched In some cases, it will be replaced more with imagination, and the perception of time will become slower and slower. At this time, m’s heart or nervousness or fear or expectation. In the experience of a series of psychological activities, m’s final thought is to expect s appears quickly, at this time m will feel the importance of s more deeply, and s will appear to give m psychological and physical comfort at the right time, at this time you are her world!

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