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Sexual Fetish

A sexual fetish is a sexual attraction or sexual enthusiasm in response to non-living objects, secretions or body components. Provided that two adults have consented to what they wish to do during sex with their partners. It's for nothing else but just to make sure that we are all getting the sensual joy we want for ourselves. There are different types of fetishes a person could select from, such as feet, body attributes or clothing. Anything you can imagine to turn you that may become your fetish.

Whether you're alone or with a spouse is no problem provided that it works for you. Fetishes begin to be a problem if it causes major psychosocial distress for the individual or forcing your partner to do things she/he does not want to do.

What is Sexual Fetish?
The fact of getting sexual pleasure from a specific thing or body part is known as sexual fetish. Someone having a fetish might have sex or masturbate while they rub, odor, hold, taste or look the thing. They might even ask their partner to use it or use it during sex. People have various wants sexually, a few fetishes can be harmless and some you can experience little pain.

Fetish is different from kink, a kink is like having an interest in something like role play or bondage to spice things in your bedroom. It is not odd to have a fetish, just about everyone has a fetish only that people do not openly talk about it.

When fetishes start to interferes with your social function or when sexual arousal is impossible without the fetish thing. When your partner does not like your bunny it will become an issue to both of you, because not everybody gets enjoyment. Fetishistic disease is a condition where there is persistent and insistent use of or dependence on non-living objects or particular focus on a body part to reach sexual arousal. Be sure that you're on exactly the same page with your partner about your fetish and also have an agreement with him/her, and avoid any problems you might face. Do not force your partner to do something she/ he doesn't want.

Don't hesitate to explore your fetish, you are not alone and it's not odd. Get professional help if you need it since it might help you know your own fetish. You can do it alone or with your partner to improve your sex life.

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Sexual fetishes

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