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Staying in(tercourse) is the new going out, and let's face it -- after a long week at work sometimes it is just too much of an effort to get dressed up and head to the clubs and bars.

It's all too easy though to fall in the trap of sticking on your sweats and tuning in the latest TV reality series, and while that may be comfy, it doesn't do a great deal for your sex life.

Water sport

No, not this sort, although if that is your thing then do it! And read on because this first tip may be valuable to...ahem...clean up afterwards.

I polled my'sexpert' friends and asked them what the first thing they did if they were preparing for a date was. The gals unanimously said they take a bathtub or a soak in the bathtub, although the majority of the men confessed to masturbating. Or sometimes both at the same time.

So, how about starting off your indoor night exactly the identical manner -- together. Fill the tub with plenty of scented bubbles, light some candles, and then bring a chilled bottle of wine and 2 glasses to the bathroom with you. Take it in turns to scrub every other -- believe me, the feel of your partner's skin under your soapy hands will turn you both on no conclusion. Have your partner stand in front of you, and pay careful attention to their nether regions...get up close and personal, close enough to allow them to feel your breath but not so close your mouth is touching. That'so-near-and-yet-so-far' thing will bring them to their knees, which honestly is a pretty good place for them to be. If you would like to go 1 step farther, you can take a leaf out of the guys' book and indulge in a spot of mutual masturbation in the tub -- there isn't anything sexier than watching your spouse pleasuring him or herself.

Naked Chef

Foregoing the fancy restaurant does not mean you have to forego the food. Cooking together is a great bonding experience, and even more so in the event that you do it naked. Make sure the kitchen is warm , and create a culinary masterpiece together. As you are tasting the food allow a few to'accidentally' fall on your naked body (making certain it is not overly hot ) And have your partner lick it off -- where you drop the food is totally your choice, I mean, it's not your fault that it dropped in your lap, right?

Eating In

Eating can be a very sensual experience, and once again, in the solitude of your own home, it can be accomplished totally nude. Feed each other, either off the fork or straight from the mouth, and lick any food from around their mouth slowly and teasingly. Dropping your fork below the dining table and asking your spouse to pick this up for you gives them a bird's eye view of what's about the dessert menu -- women, part your legs and give him a glimpse, and men -- give a helping hand until she seems and she'll find an eyeful of what is in store later.

Lap(top) Dancing

If you're in the exact same house then take your laptops into separate chambers, close the door, and begin the show. Undress slowly and teasingly, talk dirty, and show your partner what he or she's missing. Just how far you take it is your decision -- you can render something to the imagination or you may go all out, bring out the sex toys and let's go completely. If you even get that far (because voyeurism will make this feel much dirtier than it is) your spouse will be banging your door, (and you) to be allowed in.

Let the Games Begin

A nice, innocent night of board games may turn very racy very quickly. The principles are simple - every time one of you loses you've got to eliminate an item of clothes. Twister can be quite erotic when it's played with this way - you may find your butt presses straight up against your man's face, or he may end up with his butt pressed against your mouth. Carry on playing or forfeit the match and dip right in? Talking of forfeits, you could also make up a few cards with naughty things the other person must do -- a preference , a lick there -- all designed to be small teasers and set pulses racing.

The Lust List

This date night could start off innocently enough. Each of you has a notebook and a pen, and you write down your sex bucket list. All you've ever wanted to do to your partner, or have them do to youpersonally, and when the lists are complete you swap. Talk about every one and see just how many you can cross off the list straight away. Reading about what your partner wants will get the juices flowing, and knowing you are ticking (and tickling) the boxes may stimulate your mind as well as your entire body.

Get Blond with Porn

Perhaps you've watched it, maybe you haven't, but watching porn with your partner can be a HUGE turn on for the two of you. If you are a bit reticent about seeing all-out sex-fests then you are able to tone it down by choosing an erotic movie instead.If you enjoy the idea of spanking attempt Secretary. Chances are you won't even get halfway through before adding your x rated scenes into the day, which means you may need to watch them again -- no, what a damn shame!

Modern-day nights are perfect -- becoming hot and steamy on those long summer nights, or get comfy and turn up the heat when it is freezing outside. In any event, you're on to a winner.

Who needs to go out if staying in only got a whole lot more fun!

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