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Sexual health is an significant part your general wellbeing. You likely know, you should always"wrap it" with a condom if you are with a new partner or aren't sure of your spouse's sexual past (or current ). However, your sexual health is much more than avoiding disease and unplanned pregnancy. Also, your sexuality is just as unique as you are.

So how can you ensure you are sexually fit as a fiddle? Here's 7 easy actions that will assist you!

Get yourselves checked out
If you think getting checked out by a physician is simply for STDs, consider again -- that's only a small part of it. Getting checked for STDs is still very important to do, however, there are many other things your doctor can assess you for which can impact your bedroom business. For example, were you aware that cardiovascular problems -- heart disease, for instance -- can lead to erectile dysfunction? And the exact same advice goes for girls -- pain during sex could indicate a problem like interstitial cystitis. Don't second guess what's going on; see your doctor, that is what they are there for.

Self check

Manage your Meds
If you are experiencing a very low sex drive, it doesn't automatically mean you just don't believe it anymore with your partner. Were you aware that lots of drugs can have an effect on libido, for example (paradoxically ) birth control pills and anti-depressants? There are normally many distinct sorts to try, so if one is not working for you, ask your doc for a different.


What goes in impacts, well...what goes in
Eating healthily may sound like an old cliché, but if you're searching for ways to keep your sex life healthy, look at what you're eating. If you are packing a couple of added pounds it might be affecting your self-confidence, and as confidence is one of the strangest things a person can wear, you're doing yourself a disservice. It has nothing to do with how your partner sees you and has everything to do with the way YOU see you.

Healthy Food

Bin the booze
Ok, so we understand a glass of wine can help relax you and put you in the mood, but also much alcohol can have a massively damaging effect. It happens because too much alcohol actually decreases the blood flow into the penis, and let us just say, it's no good taking the vehicle out for a drive if you can not park it in the garage.

Bin wine

Don't worry about hormones
Pesky little suckers, are not they? However, an imbalance may severely put a dampener on things and cause feelings of rejection. Men -- keep stress to a minimum, since stress creates cortisol, and cortisol is like the kiss of death to performing this. Likewise, girls -- a hormone imbalance, such as thyroid problems, or polycystic ovary syndrome, can create the impulse to disappear completely. That friendly doctor we mentioned earlier?


No ifs or butts
Cigarette butts, that's. Guys, did you realize that smoking causes the blood vessels to constrict? Everywhere? We all know you understand how an erection works, but just in case you need reminding: if blood flows into the penis, you get an erection. Limit that flow, and guess what? Nada. Additionally, they really do stink.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: Indulge in a little DIY
Knowing what you like and do not like between the sheets is a must-have for a healthy and satisfying sex life, and the ideal way to find those preferences is to masturbate. Lovers don't include a manual, so it is up to us, as humans, to show our partners what we need. Nobody's advocating barking out orders like a military general - unless that is something, in which case go for this;-RRB- but in case you haven't a clue about how to bring yourself to climax, it's likely to be a little like the blind leading the blind.

The matter is, most of us must take control of our lives and be more proactive in making things happen. Novel that appointment, buy only 1 bottle of wine, slap on the stop-smoking patch -- as really...what's more gratifying -- two minutes of smoking smoke, or even a night of fantastic sex?

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