As the coronavirus epidemic outbreak spreads around the world, we are really worried about our customers and friends from all over the world, so we decided to share our experience in the past two month.

Our factory is the earliest return to work among sex toys industry in China. Our team is working around the clock to ensure we continue to provide our toys and service during this most critical time. Below is what we’re doing to support our employees, partners, and customers.  

Work From Home Policy

Our company was supposed to resume production on 1st February after the Spring Holiday. From the end of January, however, all the factory, office, even restaurant and market are not allowed to open.

On 1st February, our office members started working from home.

We still have staffs working from home, as they are from the most affected area. Thanks to teamwork sofrware, we can communicate and co-work at any time, even at home.

Meanwhile, we have placed limits on international and domestic travel. All our members stayed home for almost one month until 10th February. Our factory and office are allowed to open. Most of us are finally back to office. We are really happy to see each other, but we still have to keep social distance. We can’t hug each other, butour hearts are together.

Free Masks & Sanitizers For Every Employee

Back on work, boss Li has prepared tens of thousands of disposable mask and Sanitizers for every member. We wear mask on the road and in the office. We wash hands frequently.

We are now planning to send free masks to our customers all over the world to help them get through. 

Dining Seperately

We usually have lunch and dinner all together in company’s dining hall, but not these days. We urge everybody to eat in their own seat seperately. Keep social distance even in dining time.


Everyone in the office keeps a distance of more than 1 meter from each other.

Keep office ventilating during working time.

Dinsinfect every corner of office and factory every day

Every employee takes a temperature before entering the company.

We encourage video meeting, even if everyone is in the office, to reduce gathering.

Please be safe and consider your health and those of others.

We are wishing you all well during this time.


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