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Submissive games seem very attractive. Many people engage in this type of connection without any previous experience. Unfortunately, many products are fake Dom or Subs because they do not consider the meaning of function. How do you avoid being one of them? Here are some suggestions to help you better help your master-slave relationship.

How to be an outstanding cathedral
Doms expect happiness, require obedience and prioritize their desires and choices. Good Doms have an aura of authority, body language and address are very strong. They give clear orders to the submarine instead of asking the submarine what it wants to perform. Many Doms cannot take responsibility. The safety of the submarine, good training, the sense of pride in sex and emotional and physical are all their responsibilities. In addition, in the event of humiliation and abuse, all actions should be based on mutual consent. Dom can play several different roles, such as Dad, Manager and King.

How to make an excellent submarine
Divers are more willing to give up control over their body and behavior, and hope to please their home. Please note that not everyone is eligible for the Dom role. Provide your entries carefully. The kind lads will act with humility and show admiration for their homeland at all times. During the performance, you can dress them in Dom's most popular hot outfits to please them. In any case, actively thinking about what your Dom needs and meeting their needs will bring more satisfaction. Subs have several different functions, such as secretary, pet and slave.

5 basic rules
If you and your lover have established a submissive relationship, you need to make some rules in advance. All the details of the rules should be agreed upon by both parties to meet the requirements of both parties.

Honest communication is essential to a successful connection. Share your limitations honestly, discuss the scope of your actions and the specific goals you want. In addition, you must collect enough information to find out if both of you are compatible with this type of relationship. The more effective the information you receive, the better you can play your role.

Realistic expectations
Movies or books always exaggerate the relationship between master and obedience, so you can't put them all into practice. You are a different individual with different openness. Have realistic expectations so that you have more happiness.

It's easy to go too far in such a game, and you can't stop when something unpleasant happens. At this point, the security phrase can be accessed for immediate use. If you feel guilty and confused, please consult with your spouse in advance.

Enough patience
Rome was not built in a day, and all your requirements cannot be met at once. Take steps to better understand each other and take some time to build mutual trust. Patiently realize your dreams.

Great health
A prosperous master-slave relationship requires that you both become healthy emotionally and physically. If you are in poor health, please stop practicing. Forcing to bear will bring bad encounters.

What challenges do you face in maintaining a submissive relationship? Let me know in the comments.
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