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Beginner's guide to gag ball plugs

The ball gag is just one of the principles of BDSM and has been seen in several fetish movies. As the name implies , a ball gag is a toy used to maintain your fan's mouth open and prevent speaking. It adds erotic joy to your provocative bondage experience and enhances romantic pleasure.

When wearing a ball gag, it muffles sub's voice and permits the wearer completely surrendering to the matches. The deprivation of speech intensifies sub's sense of helplessness in addition to Dom's sense of control. A few gags can cause drooling including a strong sense of humiliation. All of the reasons above create ball gags so common.

How To Pick Your Initial Ball Gag
Ball gags come in various types. Some of them are beginner-friendly, while some are created for advanced players. It is important to select the ideal gags for you. Consider two aspects we proposed to cut corners.

Proper Size
When choosing your first gag, ensure that the diameter fit you correctly. Wearing bigger gags may hurt your jaw. Moreover, it compels you to inhale through the nose, which may restrict oxygen, resulting in asphyxia. For safe play, pick a little gag at the beginning.

Healthy Material
Gags are something which you will place into your mouth, you deserve good and healthy materials. Those gags made from poor materials slough off the nasty smell which affects your games and also do damage to your health. Odorless and flavorless materials such as ABS plastic and silicone are highly recommended.

This easy-to-wear ball gag is perfect for beginners. It is breathable, odorless and flavorless to make sure it always enhances, rather than distracts from your fantasy. Featuring 2 metal chains with breast clamps enriches its own functions. Simply pull down the chains and every move brings extra stimulation.


Safety Precautions Of Ball Gags
Establish some nonverbal safe words like raising a hand or tapping something to maintain play safe;
Do not gag your fan with a cold or an upset stomach;
Clean a gag after each use with warm soap and water, and disinfect regularly;
Refuse to share your possessions preventing STIs


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