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Nipple drama is among the most popular BDSM actions. There are plenty of sensitive nerve endings located within nipples that make them a perfect area to tease and torment. Live out your wildest erotic fantasies with some stunning nipple clamps. They are sometimes debilitating, jewelry or pleasure to your nipples. It's even possible to have an orgasm from stimulating the nipple !

How To Utilize Nipple Clamps
Here is our guide for you to help you learn the fundamentals and select your nipple clamps.

Pick Your Nipple Clamps
There are assorted nipple clamps for you to pick. Some are designed for intensity and intense pain while others are beginner-friendly, with exact pressure adjustment. When you select breast clamps, choose the intensity, adjustability and flexibility into account, and select a design you prefer. Fortunately, nipple clamps on Bondagelove are fairly affordable, so you can easily try unique types if you're hesitant.

Before wearing your own nipple clamps, take a couple of minutes to tease, kiss or lick them to make sure your buds are standing at attention. Once you're in the mood, put a clamp onto your nipple lightly. Starting slowly is highly advised. Because reducing blood circulation to nipples can be potentially harmful. Also, these breast toys should never be worn for long intervals and no more than 15 minutes is suggested. Let your nipples break for 20-30 minutes between games.

When these toys are in position, you can further excite the buds. You can adjust the clamps for custom intensity. If they're connected with chains, provide them a tug or add additional weights, you'll be at kinky ecstasy.

Start slowly in addition to gradually increasing intensity and pressure.
Take off the nipple clamps immediately if the nipple starts to swell or turn colours.
Check for circulation and numbness frequently.
Make sure that toys are cleaned and sterilized thoroughly.


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